Blacked Wives/Cucks Seducing Other Couples

Black Cock Addiction is real and it does exists.

It only manifests itself in the hearts and minds of wives/girlfriends who have boldly striven to go to the Black side. The desire to get Blacked beckons most women towards being attracted to wanting Black men. However, there are those out there who are still clueless about this desire.

It is very inspiring for wives (including their cuckold husbands) to commit to persuading other couples around them to learn about this lifestyle. Doesn’t matter if those other couples are family members, next-door neighbours, or work colleagues. Once a wife/cuck (this includes single women and white bois, too) has been fortunate enough to learn what it means to be of submissive service towards worshipping Black gods, they should endeavour to pass along and spread this same urge to infect others around them.

As more couples become well aware of this desire, so too does it awaken a realisation that has been been dormant inside many white couples around regarding the hidden bit of sexuality that they have been neglecting all this time.

Have any of you been outward in corresponding with other cuckold couples around, regardless of whether you reside in the same neighbourhood/city, or even meeting through various adult forums to chat about this lifestyle?

Have you succeeded towards suggesting and inspiring your best friends/neighbours about learning what it means to become Black-Owned and to worship Black men?

I’d like to know how you have been going about inspiring this conversation out there.

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