My GF Made Me Wear a Condom!

This is how it happened . . .

Jenni and Roy were about to enter the bedroom when they suddenly stopped.  She muttered something to him that I barely caught, then she turned and offered me a condom sheath.

I took the sheath from her, puzzled by whatever she meant. “What’s this for, Jen?”

“That’s for you, Carl,” she explained.  “Once we get in here, that’s what you’re going to be wearing.”

Roy was already laughing before he spoke.  “That means ain’t no pussy waiting for you inside, white boy.  At least not until I’m done fucking.”

Jenni laughed along with him while I looked at them, dumbfounded and perplexed by what they considered humorous.  I wanted to laugh except I felt like a fool holding the condom in my hand.

It was my misfortunate that I couldn’t turn back time to when they first hooked up with each other.  Back to three weeks ago when I first introduced Roy to my girlfriend, Jenni.  It was the same night that I shared with him our bedroom kink about us wanting to indulge in a threesome.  Roy accepted my invitation and our relationship had transpired well from there with him being a perfect fit with Jenni, who equally found him attractive.  It wasn’t often that we got to deliberate about our individual desire towards Roy.  It’s such a rare feat when we share such unwavering attraction for someone.

Never did I suspect tonight would mark a change in our threesome relationship.  The fact that Jenni was handing me a condom bothered me that they had both been planning towards this event that I have been clueless about.

I sighed and muttered ‘whatever’ under my breath, then tore through the sheath as we entered the room.

- Guess Who’s Wearing a Rubber Tonight!

What would you do if you were me? Would you opt to wear the condom, or choose not to?

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