Not Hiding Anymore . . .

There comes that irrevocable moment when you can no longer hide your most pressing feelings from your husband/wife. Especially when those feelings involves sex with another partner.

If you’re a wife/girlfriend reading this, you’d moment might be the day when you couldn’t hide anymore your need to be pleasured by another man, preferably a Black Master.

Whereas if you’re the husband/boyfriend reading this, your decisive moment came when you realise how ineffective it has become to hide your cuckold desires from your partner, but especially from yourself.

I say this because even now, there are husbands out there who remain obstinate about submitting to their cuckold instincts and accepting their predicament for what it is. Spending time corresponding with such husbands, you can tell that this subject has persisted in their mind for ages. They consider themselves as impersonators whenever they lie in bed beside their wives, wishing for the real man to come knock at their door and assume his rightful place in their stead.

These husbands/boyfriends have read countless books and essays on the subject. They consume innumerable porn, mostly of interracial/Cuckold varieties. They long for someone to challenge them towards accepting their cuckold role instead of living a lie that isn’t theirs.

Some of such husbands have been capable of finally letting the truth be known to their wives, as they have as well concluded that being a cuckold is synonymous with their nature. It’s something they ought not grapple with anymore. Though it might seem frightening venturing further with this truth, but the relief is immense.

The same goes with wives, too. Many wives want to become immense in their Black Cock addiction even more than their husbands would give them credit.

When was it that you finally decided to come clean with admitting to yourself that you wish to become a cuckold to your wife? Or that you, the wife, wish to have a lover that will be fucking you instead of your husband? If you are a sissy, when did you eventually decide that you wish to become a Black-Owned slave?

Was it an easy thing for you to do, or did it take weeks/months or even years before you got to admit that this is the life that’s meant for you?

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