Sexting Your Woman

Have any of you ever gotten into the habit of sexting cuckold details with your girlfriend/wife?

I’ve been doing that for weeks now, and I have to admit that it has proven wonders in our relationship. It’s been the best means I’ve employed towards wanting my wife to make me into a cuckold, and for her to see about becoming intimate with any would-be black lover in the future.

It was tough for me to raise the subject in the beginning about wanting my wife to cuck me. She never bought into the idea of me suggesting to her to invite another man into our bedroom. But over the past weeks, we’ve been gradually talking about the subject. Although she hasn’t yet made up her mind, but I find that with me already acting like a submissive cuck to her whenever I text her cuckold images, it’s working towards melting her heart and mind.

Has anybody else thought of this before?

- Sexting Tonight