What If She Falls in Love . . .?

When in a Cuckold relationship, things can go from being great to absolute bad in the blink of an eye.

There’s no forecast that can see such inevitability coming, or that can often dissuade you from taking some form of initiative.  Most often, couples are clueless as regards to the drastic changes that might come whence they go from finding a credible lover to satisfy the wife’s sexual urges to then seeing the wife become further enamoured by her latest man.

The more the wife and her lover continue their whirlwind affair, the chances are obvious that their bond will become formidable to the point of challenging her marriage status towards her husband. Her cuck husband can decide to encourage such union, knowing that it’s for the best that his wife gets to be further entrenched with her lover, or he can decide to put an enviable stop to the relationship.

In respect of your wife falling in love with her Black Bull/lover, what would you decide to be your response to such occurring?

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